Sunday, December 21, 2003


You wouldn't think it so difficult to get some firewood delivered to your home....especially when trying to pay cash for it. But I have had little luck in finding much. I have seen ads for $60-65 per truck load repeatedly, but these folks don't answer their phones. I believe that they are putting in these ads deliberately to drive up the demand...then selling their wood for much more. How unfair. Maybe I am wrong about this. Hopefully someone will call from the various answering machines that I spoke to earlier today.

I am to Mom and Dad's for the day.....big Christmas party with Dad's side of the family will be there this year. I have all the gifts ready to go...just gotta load them up in the truck.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Holiday Chaos

The entire town has gone crazy......wild drivers, mad shoppers, crazed mothers dragging packs of little squealing munchkins along with them as they move down the aisles of Walmart like some wayward band of hunter-gatherers. I have the holiday spirit or what?

Saturday, December 13, 2003

A night out on the town

I headed out for a night of music at Trio's....normally a jazz bar, but doing blues and rock tonight to hear E.G. Kight

She really rocked the place all night. She and the Macon Boys took the stage about 9:20 and played almost continuously untill 1:30. I sat with Bonnie and enjoyed the tunes. Too bad that bars are so smokey though.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

GWS Events

GWS Events Webpage has all of the new trips that we have planned. About a dozen GWS folks came over to my house today and we brainstormed for trip ideas. I thought we did really well and came up with 19 new trips!

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Sorry that I haven't been updating

To my regular readers...sorry that I haven't updated much recently.

On Thanksgiving Day, I joined about a dozen friends for a wonderful feast. We all ate so much!

Then on Friday and Saturday, we took off on a river trip. The Ohoopee River was a lot of fun, even though there were many deadfalls to either limbo under or pull over. More details about this trip are located at this webpage.

Back to work for a hectic week.....the weather took a nosedive on temperatures and that makes it much more difficult at work. But things were slowly improving now that we are getting toward the end of the week.

Tonight I finalized the majority of my Christmas shopping. I still have 2 grandmothers and a neice to buy for, but otherwise it is all done.