Friday, November 26, 2004

Bush Uncensored Gives the Finger!

How did President Bush celebrate his winning? Take a look at his one fingered victory salute that he gave when thought the camera was off! This is a movie, and will take a moment to load. (video requires Quicktime)

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Late hours

Well, it is about 6 pm now, and I am about to head out to work. Yep....gotta work tonight. And it sucks. I have some burglar alarm problems to sort out, and need to be able to get into the buildings when nobody else is it is a late night tonight.

Tomorrow at work will be the killer......If I work till 2:00 this morning, it will be about 3 by the time I get home and in bed. Then at 6:30, it will be time to get up and start all over again on the regular dayshift.

I hope tomorrow's dayshift is quiet, because I will probably be out of it by the end of the day.

Here are some pics from last weekend's Arkaquah Trail hike. It was a great hike...although it was totally socked in by fog. We still had a good time though!
Click the image to see larger image

Some of The Dixie Boys BBQ Team made it onto film recently! This could be trouble!
Click the image to see larger image

Friday, November 12, 2004

Arkaquah Trail -

We are off tomorrow to hike the Arkaquah Trail in northern Georgia with friends. Bonnie and I are driving up early tomorrow morning and carpooling with them from Atlanta.

The trail looks to be a good one.....a bit uphill at the beginning, with a long, steep descent at the end. It may become a GWS event down the road.

Some photos are also found at this webpage.

Sunday, November 07, 2004


Well, I made it back from the big BBQ bash in Douglas, GA. It was a bunch of fun and a really well ran event. The Best of the Best was an invitational bbq contest....only the top teams from around the country were invited. $30,000 in prizes brought them in. Almost all of the big national cook teams were present.

On the following day, a second contest was opened to both pro and amature cooks. $20,000 in prizes given away that second day. Plus music, art sale, holiday bazaar, and flea market. Lots of fun.

And the best thing of political ads! HURRAY

Thursday, November 04, 2004

APOD: 2003 October 1 - An Unusual Event Over South Wales

APOD: 2003 October 1 - An Unusual Event Over South Wales was a daytime fireball that was caught on film. You don't see this sort of thing everyday...fortunately. Other photos of the disappating smoke trail are found in the info below the photo.

Best of the Best Barbecue Contest

Best of the Best Barbecue Contest will be where I am off to this weekend. I am judging on Friday and Saturday at this national bbq competition.

Think about over 100 teams cooking on Friday and Saturday.....yum.