Monday, January 31, 2011

A day at High Falls

Bonnie and I spent the day at High Falls State Park yesterday. We did a little photographing and a little hiking. Nothing serious, just a fun day, enjoying the unusually warm weather.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

No school on Monday

Well, it is school on Monday, January 10th.

That weird noise that you hear in the background is the collective cheers of 25,000 students here in Macon!

Of course, if you think that the kids are happy about it, you should see the teachers!

Ice storm is on the way?

Well, the forecasters say that we are going to get some ice and sleet. It all depends on who you listen to; but anywhere from a tiny bit of ice to 1-3 inches of sleet and ice on the trees.

I am certainly hoping for no ice. Not only does it make for bad driving conditions, but if it collects on the powerlines and trees, we might be without power for a bit. And that just makes it chaotic at work. As you probably know, I work for the local school district and even if cancel school (which has not been done yet), it means that I and a few others get to go in and check the buildings for damage, make sure the heat and power is on, and so forth.

So I am keeping my fingers crossed for a little snow or sleet, but not too much tonight and tomorrow.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Art Happens!

Tonight, I went down to The 567, which was hosting an art showing in their upstairs gallery space. There was a great turn out for the event, a good variety of art projects on display, and live music too.

After I left, and as wandering around downtown, I stopped off at a few of my favorite haunts. As I left the Rookery, I noticed someone was down the alley.

It was William Haun, a local photographer, shooting a performer, Amy Godwin. I believe he was using his video capture on his camera and not taking stills...but could be wrong.

In any case, I whipped out my cell phone and snapped a pic myself (sorry, but without a flash, I got a lot of blur in the image). The glow of the streetlights in the distance was great. I wish that I had my Canon 7D with me! Could have been a great shot.

You just never know where you are going to find art happening in Macon, Georgia!