Sunday, April 27, 2008

JCCFS pics set to music

Here are a few photos from my trip last week to JCCFS. Some are the same as those below, plus a few more of my woodturning classmates. I hope you like the video slideshow. Also, thanks to a new friend that I met at the folkschool, Ole Gade from Appalachian State University, I now have a photo of myself trying to cut a bowl on the lathe, and another with me in the background trying to look like I know what I am doing...that is Tom in the front with a bowl that exploded. Thanks Ole!

A couple more John C Campbell Folkshool Pics

Here are some of the bowls that I finished at the Folkschool this past week. You can click on them to
open up a larger photo...then click on the BACK button on your browser to return here.

After a bit of practice, it was getting a bit easier; but I really would need to buy a lathe if I wanted to continue with this hobby, as that it does take lots of practice. The lathes and tools are out of my reach right now, so maybe in a few years.

Our woodturning class at the Folkschool took a fieldtrip on Wednesday to a nearby woodturning legend....the very interesting Øland Studios , where we met with Lissi Øland. She came to the Folkschool after immigrating to America from Denmark in the early 60's. Although she was trained as a linguist and dentist, she picked up the turning bug from some classes that she took at the Folkschool, and from her husband Knud.

As you can see, Lissi is known for her large turnings. She is standing by a massive one that is still sitting on the lathe in her studio.

Back at the folkschool, I spotted this large clay pot sitting in the edge of the briars and kind of liked the contrast of the smooth clay to the thorny brambles.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

John C. Campbell Folkschool

Well, I am here midweek at the Folkschool and everything is going great. I am a total beginner at woodturning and it shows! But that is is the only way to learn.

My first bowl got too shallow and the bottom was cut through. My teacher says that is what is called a funnel, not a bowl. Here are a couple of photos that I snapped yesterday while waiting on supper. Maybe some more by end of the week, if I have time. Larry Hunsucker, my previous photography teacher is supposed to meet me on Friday for lunch....maybe a few photos then.

Talk to you all later...should be back home next Saturday. Maybe a few pictures of my bowls from my woodturning class next time!

Friday, April 18, 2008

North Carolina, Here I Come!

I am off to Brasstown, North Carolina tomorrow morning for a week at the John C. Campbell Folkschool, where I will be taking a woodturning class. I hope to come out of it with a bowl or two, maybe a few plates or platters.

This shot of the blacksmith shops at the folkschool is one from a few years ago. I was just learning a little about Photoshop at that time and it shows. Not to say that I know alot more now...but a bit.

Some of my photos from a previous trip there are located at these three blog entries: Here, Here, and Here.

I do not know how much time that I will have to take photos, but I will try to snap a few and post them. They have a wi-fi set up in the evenings I hope to be able to post them. If not, then I will when I return home in about a week.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Weekend on the Towaliga

I joined my GWS friends on the Towaliga River for a weekend of fun.

I was the first to arrive at the Highway 42 bridge over the Towaliga River. I was a little worried, as that I had forgotten to bring the email with me that told where we were meeting. The access road was very muddy and steep and the thought that I might be in the wrong place and possibly stuck did cross my mind. Fortunately, my memory was good and before long, my rivermates showed up.

After hiding under the bridge to escape a brief shower, we unloaded the canoes and our camping gear, and then shuttled the vehicles to Juliette...our take-out point on the Ocmulgee River.

Due to the recent rain, the river was up a bit, which helped greatly as that the Towaliga is usually shallow and a challenge to get through in a loaded canoe. What was not so welcome was the half hour of cold, soaking rain that hit about 20 minutes into our trip. We all got chilled and damp.

We got to our campsite and quickly unloaded the boats in hope of drying things out before nightfall. Fortunately, there was a nice breeze that helped to do this. Niki pointed out that it did look a bit like a shanty town...but it was home sweet home for the night.

The night slowly came upon us with a a break in the thick clouds, which exposed a beautiful pink sky. It cast an eerie rose glow over everything for a few minutes before fading to gray. We lit up the fire and enjoyed a night of varied conversation around it.

The next morning, I paddled down the Towaliga alone...leaving a bit before everyone else did.

Paddling alone is something that I really enjoy. On a whitewater river, this is way to dangerous, but the flatwater of the Towaliga made it a joy. Without the noise of a group, I did get to see a lot more wildlife. Of course, I did not have my good camera with me....just the underwater point and shoot camera (water safe), so I couldn't get the quality of nature shots that I wished for.

The river had risen about a foot overnight, so it was an easy paddle down the river past the railroad tracks, and then into the Ocmulgee River, and down to the town of Juliette where my truck was awaiting me.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Odd story for the week.....

In what surely is the oddest story for this week in the local newspaper.....two men were arrested for stealing a submarine out of someone's yard. Yes, a submarine. A real, 2 person submarine. We are 200 miles from the ocean, but someone has, or should I say, "had" a submarine parked in their yard.

Friday, April 11, 2008

A view from the top of Woody Gap.

Cherry Blossom Festival Ends

The Festival is finally over. It was a nice one this year....although a bit wet, which kept the crowds down. Here is a night shot that I snapped just before closing at Central City Park. I do love the neon lights!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mom and Dad's deal fell through

Just a quick parent's had an offer on their home, but it was retracted under the terms of the sale agreement, much to my Dad's disappointment. They changed the sign in the yard back to For Sale and are keeping their finger's crossed! See the previous post for more info. If you are looking for a nice house on a creek near Loganville, Ga, click on the photo please!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A different perspective

When you get stuck in a rut, the best thing might be take a look at things from a new perspective. Maybe that is what my cat, Callie, is doing. She seems to enjoy twisting her head around into all sorts of odd angles just for the fun of it.

Today was a dull day at work....lots of data entry. My hands are not used to typing so much and they cramped by the end of the day. Fortunately, the end is in sight and another couple of days, and the project will be complete.

Dad called me this afternoon and their house is now under contract! Everyone told these horror stories about trying to sell a house in the current economy, but their home sold in just over a week! So now, they have till May 2 to move out. Looks like the next few weeks will be busy ones.

Mom and Dad will be moving to the mountains on the North Carolina/Georgia border between Murphy, NC and Blairsville, GA. They have about 6 acres there in a nice valley with mountain views, with a barn to store their stuff until they build a new house. Looks like it will be a few months in their camper in the meantime.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Tulips Everywhere

Here are a couple photos that I snapped around town. They were taken with my Canon D30 and the 100mm Macro lens.

Despite the profuse number of yoshino cherry trees that are blooming, my eyes were drawn to a few patches of tulips. I am not sure why they fascinate me, but they do. Perhaps it is the huge variety of shapes, colors, and varieties of tulips...maybe it is just that it is really doesn't seem like spring until they are out.

Unfortunately, at my house, I live in a spot that used to be ocean front property (a few million years back). A block or two up the road, they have real dirt, but at my house, it is all sand.....which tulips do not seem to like. So they just don't do well here.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Winter's Bounty


The last berries from winter on the nandina bush by the back door give a little shine after the rain this morning. I ran out into the yard to snap a few images of the flowers between showers, but thought that this nandina looked the best.

Also, the pecan trees in the front yard have been full of birds this morning. Lots of phoebes, sparrows, and finches have been bouncing in and out of the branches, which has drove my kitty crazy. She sits in the window and fantasizes about "The Great Hunt".

I had hoped to go to the craft and art show at the Cherry Blossom Festival
today, but the rain canceled that. It should be back on tomorrow, so will head over there tomorrow morning. Still, I am glad to see the rain. I got a few tomato plants in the ground and scattered some Zinnia (Old Maids, as we used to call them when I was a kid) and African Daisy seeds out on Thursday evening.