Saturday, April 05, 2008

Winter's Bounty


The last berries from winter on the nandina bush by the back door give a little shine after the rain this morning. I ran out into the yard to snap a few images of the flowers between showers, but thought that this nandina looked the best.

Also, the pecan trees in the front yard have been full of birds this morning. Lots of phoebes, sparrows, and finches have been bouncing in and out of the branches, which has drove my kitty crazy. She sits in the window and fantasizes about "The Great Hunt".

I had hoped to go to the craft and art show at the Cherry Blossom Festival
today, but the rain canceled that. It should be back on tomorrow, so will head over there tomorrow morning. Still, I am glad to see the rain. I got a few tomato plants in the ground and scattered some Zinnia (Old Maids, as we used to call them when I was a kid) and African Daisy seeds out on Thursday evening.

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