Sunday, June 29, 2008

Progress on the house

Mom and Dad's house is coming along pretty quick. They have about 1/2 of the downstairs laid out after only one and half day's work. The framers say that they will be finished with their part in about two weeks or so. The garden isn't doing as well this year as in the past, but that may be due to drier weather....although it did rain heavy last night.
We rode over to Cheoah Point Campground near Robbinsville, NC yesterday, but I was not as impressed as others with it. The reservable spots are the least desirable, but may have to work in a pinch this fall. We shall see.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another roadtrip weekend

I am about to walk out the door for a quick trip to North Carolina! I am going up to visit my folks in north Georgia for a day or two. While there, I want to drive on up into North Carolina to the area around Lake Santeetlah and Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest. I will be camping there for about a week or so during October.....actually, maybe camping there for 5 nights, then heading back down to Fort Mountain for 3 more nights. I am hoping to time it right with the leave changing...but that is always a gamble when you have to set up your vacations so far ahead. On this trip, I wanted to check out our anticipated campground, Cheoah Point. An online friend, Marjorie had a nice write up about a recent stay there on her blog...but I still wanted to run by it and check it out before committing to a week's stay there, and to look at the other options in the area.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Retirement Party

Bonnie's retirement party was a lot of fun. About 50 people came to the pool party, which featured delicious steaks and chicken, a huge cake, and lots of fun. Here are a few select pics from it.

About 15 or so stayed overnight in RV's, tents, and the pool house...and were treated to Bonnie's buckwheat pancakes this morning. YUM!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bonnie's Retirement Blowout

My good friend Bonnie has finally done it. She has retired. Although she certainly does not look it or act it, she says that she is actually at the age where she is ready to cast off her role as an elementary school teacher, after 30-something years of teaching.

Now, if I could only figure out a way to be able to do so at the same time. But I am a few years younger, although my big bald head doesn't help me make that point very often. Probably the only way I will get to retire before putting in my time would be to win the lottery. And considering that I never play the lottery, it just doesn't seem too likely.

Although she technically retired two weeks ago, the big blowout party is tonight at a friend's place....swimming pool, live music, steaks and chicken on the grill, and an open bar. I shall try to snap a few photos tonight and post them here later.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Poem

Oh, dragonfly, sweet little dragonfly;
Around lovers you linger,then off you fly;
With the beat of your iridescent wings;
Messages of cheer along you bring.

Exciting and random are your flights;
You soar high above, just like the kites;
Take me to your world, so cool and high;
You look so glorious against the sky.

In the air, like a bird, you are free;
Dancing with delight and filled with glee;
Joy, sorrow, euphoria and strife;
Only a day, yet a full life !

A poem by Celine at her website.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Getting There...

I can almost taste them....yum! Maybe in a week or so, they will be ripe. There is nothing quite so good as a home-grown tomato sandwich during the summer. And with the current e. coli scare that is going around, eating fresh tomatoes from the store could be dangerous. So home-grown it is.

This is an heirloom variety and looks to be a pretty good producer; although the leaves on the plants don't appear to like the heat. It will produce a striped orange and red tomato with a slightly sweet taste. Or at least that is what the description said, when I bought the little plants.

I planted early this year, and had to cover the plants to avoid a frost or two; but having good fruit this early in the season makes it worth it.

And before I forget it, I want to wish everyone a very

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer is here

Despite my grumblings, summer has arrived. For the past week, it has been hovering around 95-100 degrees, and yesterday, it hit 102.

Now, I am a born and bred Southern boy, but that doesn't mean that I like the heat...especially with the humidity. I would be much happier at 80 degrees or so. And I know that my electric bill would like it alot more!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Cat Toy Mystery Solved

Have you ever lost something and wondered where it went? Well, I have been wondering just such a thing over my cat's toys. I fully admit, that I do spoil her with lots of little toy mice, balls, and other goodies that she enjoys playing with; however after a few days, they all disappear.

While moving the cushions on the couch, I discovered her hiding place for them all. She has been hiding them under the pillows on the couch in the livingroom.....a room that I rarely use, as that I also have a more comfortable and less formal den as well. Callie sat and watched as I discovered her hiding place for her toys. I could already see the little wheels spinning in her furry little head as she plans her next hiding place for her treasures.