Sunday, July 22, 2012

Grand Tetons and Yellowstone

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 A quick peek with cell phone out the window as we are somewhere over Colorado or Wyoming.

A few bison trudge along near Gros Ventre.

I love the way the bison stick their tongues out as they grunt and groan at each other.

Oodles of bison in the Lamar Valley.

Geothermal stuff in Yellowstone

On the right, that is Old Faithful.

These elk were sleepy and easy to photograph!

Above....the aptly named Grand Prismatic Spring
I hiked up the Death Canyon trail and got this great overlook of Phelps Lake.

The shot above was taken with my cell phone.  I got plenty with the big camera as well, but sometimes the cellphone turns out pretty good stuff!  

Momma bear was moving her cub very fast and I only got a blurry shot of her!

But the moose were cooperative and posed for us

These were taken on Mormon Row at a couple of the old homesteads in the Tetons

Below, the sunrise really made this barn pop!

The mule deer above might get an inferiority complex if he saw the bull elk's antlers below!
I wish I was closer and the wolf had stuck around a little longer...but I guess she had eaten her fill.  I only got to see her for about a minute and then she trotted up the hill and disappeared.   I am sure the elk will provide plenty more meals though for her pack...or for a lucky bear.

Up on top of Rendezvous Mountain at Jackson Hole Ski Resort, you can ride these things.....I am smarter than that and did not.

Bonnie, me, and Geri on top of Rendezvous Mountain
Our not so fancy, but affordable cabin in Jackson

sometimes, you didn't even have to look for the came to you!

Geri, Bonnie, and myself in a quick cellphone silly pic after a long day of riding around Yellowstone in the rain.    We were clearly slap-happy!