Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ocmulgee River Clean Up

Yesterday, about 9 or 10 folks canoed down the river and picked up trash.   The first half of the trip from Amerson Water Works Park to Spring Street in Macon was very nice and not too much trash.  Unfortunately, about the time we got parallel to the interstate, there was quite a bit.....some old stuff and lots of new (mainly aluminum cans).   We quickly filled our canoes and had no more room for more by the time we got to the I-16 bridge.   That area needs a to be cleaned desperately.  Another river clean up is scheduled by Rivers Alive on Oct 13, and hopefully it can be addressed then.   

Two very cool little items were found....the first being this tiny ceramic miniature pitcher.   It appeared to be old, but who knows?   

The second neat item was a set of keys.    Last summer, Anne lost a set of keys somewhere in this section of the river; but she had no idea where.   While cleaning, Bud noticed something plastic on the river bottom...a library card.   When he pulled it up, there were 3 keys attached on a ring to it, buried in the sand.   Unbelievably, they were Anne's from a year ago!

 We picked up a lot of stuff, but this couch was too much.   It is crazy that someone would haul it down here to abandon it!