Thursday, September 29, 2005

Chicken wings and soda bottle used in officer assault, cops say

Macon Telegraph | 09/28/2005 | Chicken wings and soda bottle used in officer assault, cops say: "Chicken wings and soda bottle used in officer assault, cops say


SMYRNA - A Florida woman was arrested after allegedly attacking a suburban Atlanta police officer with a plate of chicken wings and a 2-liter bottle, police said.

Beverly Anne Campbell, 61, of St. Petersburg, Fla., was arrested for misdemeanor battery and felony assault on a police officer, according to a Smyrna police arrest warrant. She was also arrested on a misdemeanor charge of inciting a riot, the warrant said.

The incident happened Friday during a function at the Smyrna Community Center, said spokesman Capt. Keith Zgnoc. Officer W.D. Nesbit stopped a driver leaving the event who was traveling the wrong way on a one-way street.

But Campbell apparently objected to the traffic stop and attempted to turn the crowd against the officer, according to the warrant.

She allegedly threw the plate of chicken wings at Nesbit, hit him with the Coke bottle in the neck and then punched him in the face, 'several times, leaving visible injuries,' according to the warrant.

Another partygoer, Darius Campbell, was arrested on felony obstruction and misdemeanor counts of battery and inciting a riot.

The car driver, Brian Cedric Campbell, was arrested for aggravated assault on an officer and obstruction and misdemeanor counts of inciting a riot, disobeying a traffic control device and refusing a DUI test.

Smyrna is about 12 miles northwest of Atlanta."

Saturday, September 24, 2005

No Brothel for the Pit Crew!

Oddly Enough News Article | "SAO PAULO, Brazil (Reuters) - Two high-class brothels hoping to attract racers and pit crews in Sunday's Brazilian Grand Prix were shut down after they posted sexually explicit advertisements on 30 billboards around South America's largest city.

Sao Paulo Mayor Jose Serra demanded the billboards be covered with blank white sheets and his code enforcement officers sealed doorways to the brothels, Romanza and Cafe Millenium, with concrete blocks.

The billboards showed a photo made to look like a scantily clad woman was performing fellatio on a man in a racing uniform. Captions on the advertisements said in both Portuguese and English: 'Do you know what happens after the (winners') podium?.'

Another advertisement in Sao Paulo targeting race car drivers reads 'emotion in every curve' alongside a semi-nude woman, the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo reported.

Every year, brothel owners put up dozens of billboards targeting rich customers who visit Sao Paulo for the Formula One race.

But since taking office in January, the tough-talking Serra has tried to clean up the sleazy side of Sao Paulo, including shutting down cheap downtown hotels frequented by crack addicts.

Prostitution in Brazil is legal, but pimping is not. To avoid hassles from police, many brothel owners say they run 'relaxation clubs for men' and that sexual services are not provided in exchange for money."

Friday, September 23, 2005

Midstate schools closing to save gas

Macon Telegraph | 09/23/2005 | Midstate schools closing to save gas

Well, at least some of the staff gets to stay at home for 2 days....not me. I get to work it. And better yet....I don't get any extra money for it. Ahhhhh....the joy of being salaried.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Waiting on another hurricane

The guys on CNN and FoxNews are chomping at the bits in anticipation of the newest hurricane to threaten the Gulf of Mexico....Rita. The reporters are already staking out their spots to report the hurricane on Saturday as it comes ashore. I know that so many were killed in Katrina a couple of weeks ago, that it forces the issue to the front of most people's minds...but enough is enough. They will have things so hyped up that we simply must watch them all day on Saturday as the storm rolls in.

Hopefully, enough people will get out of the Texas - Lousianna area in time to keep the death-toll down. Mother Nature simply isn't one to be toyed with. She has the power to snap a house into splinters in a few seconds.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Driving thru Helen, Ga on my way home...after a weekend of camping at Vogel State Park.

Monday, September 05, 2005

My aunt and uncle just returned from a week or two in Ireland. If you have an interest and the time, you can go see a bunch of their photos at this website...a word of warning, do not try this on a dial up modem. This is only for higher speed connections, or you will be waiting a very long time...not that each photo is of very high resolution, but simply because of the number of photos.
Click the image to see larger image

Before and After.....Without the photo being held, you wouldn't have known what was there! Katrina was a terrible blow to so many people.
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Friday, September 02, 2005

Hurricane Relief

The devastation in the wake of Hurricane Katrina is heartbreaking, and my thoughts are with those struggling in the aftermath of this disaster. As victims of this natural disaster are attempting to recover, American Red Cross volunteers have been deployed to the hardest hit areas of Katrina's destruction, supplying hundreds of thousands of victims left homeless with critical necessities. By making a financial gift to Hurricane 2005 Relief, the Red Cross can provide shelter, food, counseling and other assistance to those in need. I urge you to contribute to this worthy cause.