Friday, April 18, 2008

North Carolina, Here I Come!

I am off to Brasstown, North Carolina tomorrow morning for a week at the John C. Campbell Folkschool, where I will be taking a woodturning class. I hope to come out of it with a bowl or two, maybe a few plates or platters.

This shot of the blacksmith shops at the folkschool is one from a few years ago. I was just learning a little about Photoshop at that time and it shows. Not to say that I know alot more now...but a bit.

Some of my photos from a previous trip there are located at these three blog entries: Here, Here, and Here.

I do not know how much time that I will have to take photos, but I will try to snap a few and post them. They have a wi-fi set up in the evenings I hope to be able to post them. If not, then I will when I return home in about a week.

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