Sunday, April 27, 2008

A couple more John C Campbell Folkshool Pics

Here are some of the bowls that I finished at the Folkschool this past week. You can click on them to
open up a larger photo...then click on the BACK button on your browser to return here.

After a bit of practice, it was getting a bit easier; but I really would need to buy a lathe if I wanted to continue with this hobby, as that it does take lots of practice. The lathes and tools are out of my reach right now, so maybe in a few years.

Our woodturning class at the Folkschool took a fieldtrip on Wednesday to a nearby woodturning legend....the very interesting ├śland Studios , where we met with Lissi ├śland. She came to the Folkschool after immigrating to America from Denmark in the early 60's. Although she was trained as a linguist and dentist, she picked up the turning bug from some classes that she took at the Folkschool, and from her husband Knud.

As you can see, Lissi is known for her large turnings. She is standing by a massive one that is still sitting on the lathe in her studio.

Back at the folkschool, I spotted this large clay pot sitting in the edge of the briars and kind of liked the contrast of the smooth clay to the thorny brambles.

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