Friday, January 07, 2011

Art Happens!

Tonight, I went down to The 567, which was hosting an art showing in their upstairs gallery space. There was a great turn out for the event, a good variety of art projects on display, and live music too.

After I left, and as wandering around downtown, I stopped off at a few of my favorite haunts. As I left the Rookery, I noticed someone was down the alley.

It was William Haun, a local photographer, shooting a performer, Amy Godwin. I believe he was using his video capture on his camera and not taking stills...but could be wrong.

In any case, I whipped out my cell phone and snapped a pic myself (sorry, but without a flash, I got a lot of blur in the image). The glow of the streetlights in the distance was great. I wish that I had my Canon 7D with me! Could have been a great shot.

You just never know where you are going to find art happening in Macon, Georgia!

1 comment:

William Haun said...

I was shooting video on my Canon 7D for's Acoustic Alley video series.

I'll let you know when Amy's videos go up.