Monday, February 23, 2004

Difficult decison....hope I made the right one

A good friend at work has been seeing this girl for the past two or three years and seems very sincere in his wish to marry her. During the last week or two, I have heard from another friend that this girl has not been terribly faithful.

I debated with myself a bunch, and decided to go ahead and tell him.....I was very clear that everything was just what I was told, and not anything that I witnessed myself. I felt like a total heel when I spoke with him about this earlier today. I was bursting his bubble....he seemed to suspect it, but was still crushed. I hated it....but figured that if in the same boat, I would want a friend to tell me.

I kept telling him how much I hoped that I was wrong, and maybe my source misinterpretted the situation. I hope so. Of course, if that is the case, I have caused a ton of stress in his life without much cause and that pretty much sucks. I figure anyway about it, it is sort of a lose-lose situation.

I just hope that he sees that I really tried to think of a better way out of this situation....but I could not.

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