Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I left this morning about 3:00am for work and got in at 6:00pm. Long day when you used to doing a standard 8 hour one. The wind was really bad here. Tons of trees down, a few buildings damaged, boat loads of limbs down, lots of roads closed due to downed power lines and trees, and about 68,000 households and businesses without electricity. When we got there this morning, we had about 20 schools without power. This evening, the number is down to about 13 or so. No school again tomorrow for the kids and teachers.

On the way to work, on US-80, I spotted one of those $650 metal carports sitting on the side of the road.....see photo. It blew from a good ways away. Probably 40 yards or more, plus crossed the four lane highway and ended up on the shoulder on the far side. After seeing what happpend to this one, I got worried about mine, and what condition that it might end up in, as that the wind was still whipping when I left home at 3:00am...but it looks pretty good.

I lost a bunch of limbs from the pecan trees, and one big dogwood tree (next to chickens on the far side of the garage) blew down....but no other trees were totally lost that I could see this afternoon. That leak in the valley of the roof over the kitchen leaked again. It was dripping out of the attic fan this morning....but seemed to stop as the day went on, even though the rain as been steady. So far we have gotten about 7 inches the weatherman said, although it seems like more. The Ocmulgee is up to the banks and predicted to get out of the banks a little bit tomorrow....cresting at 20 feet. Normal level is about 8 feet, and flood is considered at 18 feet.
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