Sunday, January 23, 2005

Brrr! Cold

The temperature took a sudden plunge....and it is really cold out there. I hope that all my preparations for the freeze hold. I have a little heater running in the camper to help freeze protect it, I have an infrared heat lamp in the chickenhouse for the hens and rooster, and I have covered and wrapped the water taps outside the house. Still, anytime it gets down under 20 degrees, I get nervous.

Yesterday, I went to a suprise birthday party for my brother....35th. It was held at a little bar in Locust Grove. I think it was probably my mother's first time ever in a bar. And they had a karaoke machine there. My sister in law sang a bit, as did her mother. But when my brother and her took to the microphone, I believe it set a new all-time low for quality. Good thing my brother doesn't rely on his voice for a living.

Today, the GWS Board of Directors (which I am not a part of) decided to modify our meetings......going to every other month, instead of every month.....if the members approve. Our meeting attendance has really been low, and it is getting more difficult to find new speakers. We shall see how the membership takes the news.

It is off to bed a bit early that the cold weather means a long day tomorrow at work. I hope to be there by 6:00.....and I am sure the complaint calls will start very soon afterward and will run well into the late afternoon.

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