Sunday, November 13, 2005

Working late tonight

I just got home (2:45am) from work. They called about 10:30 tonight (on a Saturday) with the server room overheating at the Board Office. So off I go down there. Yep, it was 106 degrees inside the server cabinet and about 87 in the room. We try to maintain the cabinets below 95.

The 2 modular coolers were running, so I went up to check the big chiller for the was off. Gary S. showed up a bit later and we started checking the safeties......then the pneumatic controls. The chiller tried once, then died.

Gary D came in a bit later and we all did some head scratching. No luck. Then about 12:00, Bud arrived. More head scratching, checking, rechecking, and so forth.

About 2:00, we placed a call to the service guy in Atlanta....he wasn't too happy about that, but he will get over it. While Bud was on the phone with him, I reset a low voltage cutoff, then the oil pressure hi and low switches, and then hit the auto switch and it started up smooth as silk.

We stayed till about 2:30 and all was still working and the server cabinets had cooled down to 95. So I re-activated the emergency paging system, which I had cut off about midnight as that it was driving us crazy with automated messages about the conditions at the Board Office.

Gary D was heading back up to the mechanical room to round us Gary S and Bud when I left a 2:30. I am assuming that they were right behind me....although I did not see them leave, nor did I get a phone message, so I am assuming that all is well in the world and they went home also.

It is now almost 3:00am, and I am off to bed.

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