Monday, February 19, 2007


I am not really quite sure what makes some people decide to remove all of the trees from their property. Sure, it does eliminate the chore of raking leaves in the fall; but the benefits of shade and wildlife would out weigh the hassle...or so it would seem to me.

My next door neighbor must not feel the same as I do. She has hired a group to come in and remove most all of the trees from their yard. As I type this, the chainsaws are whining and the limbs are coming down.

For some of the bigger pecan trees that are near the buildings, she has hired a crane that will support the branches as the are cut by one...out of the top of the tree.

Given our warm climate here, I wouldn't lose my trees for anything. Sure, they can be a bother. And once in a blue moon, a big limb or even a tree might come down....but still worth it to me.

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