Monday, July 09, 2007

Oh what a beautiful morning!

5:35 - Woke up to find the cat sitting on my chest, staring at me. She was ready to eat her breakfast!

5:36 - Felt a twinge of pain in my back as I sat up.

5:37 - Fed the cat and took some pants out of the clothes dryer from the night before....another bit of pain on the right side of my lower back. I began to hope that it wasn't a kidneystone.

6:10 - Pain rapidly escalates and is clearly near my kidney.

6:30 - Called into work and told them that I wasn't coming in right away.

6:45 - Drove the hospital in considerable pain.

7:00 - Arrived at hospital and was thrilled to see an empty waiting room. Promptly threw up in restroom from pain and began profuse sweating.

7:20 - Finished with the forms and paperwork and was in an exam room.

7:40 - Pain medication and anti-nausea.....HURRAY!

8:00 - Off to get x-rays of my abdomen

9:00 - Still suffering, but begins to ease off on the pain.

9:20 - I lied.....pain now increasing again.

10:00 - HURRAY! The kidneystone made it to the more sharp pain. Only the dull aching type.

10:45 - Got the ok to leave the hospital, paid my $50 deductible, and off I went home.

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