Sunday, September 21, 2008


Sorry for not posting in a few days...been off camping.

I spent the last few days near the Cherry Hill Recreation Area along the South and North Carolina line, near Cashiers with six friends. We camped there and spent several days hiking the trails. I tried my hand at capturing moving water....with only so-so results. I wrestled with blurs, overexposure, and poor composition. I guess it just wasn't my best.

Here is a shot of Whitewater Falls, a very large (400+ feet) waterfall in North Carolina. Unfortunately, you can't easily approach the actual water without a very tough climb. So, you only get a photo from a long distance away.

For a closer waterfall, we did a short mile hike to King's Creek Falls. This easy hike ends at the foot of a forty foot waterfall. It is much more approachable and still lovely.

Only two bad things on the whole brakes went bad on my truck on the way home...and one of the nearby campers had a bit of a spat with their spouse after drinking a bit during the middle of the night. They shared their true feelings toward each other in a multitude of four letter words and actions. Despite these two things, it was a great trip!


June said...

I miss a lot of waterfall sights due to the climbs involved...bummer! I think these are pretty darn good shots by the way...

Jim said...


Felicia said...

I love the fuzz effect on that flowing waterfall. And I have slight bias towards macro flowers shots :) and yours is beautiful. How wonderful it must have been to be there!