Sunday, November 15, 2009

Collecting Indian Artifacts

I spent most of today on my hands and knees with about 20 other people, looking for Native American artifacts at Waterworks Park in Macon, GA. Someone screwed up and partially plowed up an archeological area a few weeks ago and exposed quite a bit of material. Area archeologists are working to collect and map the material that is at the surface due to the damage, and are planning for future dig areas.

We collected about 500 or so pieces of pottery, a few spearpoints, a couple of other tools, and flint flakes in about 5 hours of looking. This is on top of about 1,000 pieces that have already been collected in the last 2 weekends. One more weekend, and the site should be fully searched.

The top photo is of a bead (split) that was found, and below it are two typical pieces of pottery. Most of the stuff we found was from the recent past (1600-1750), although one of the spearpoints was of a style common around 10,000 years ago.

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Felicia said...

I stumbled across this group when I took the dogs out there for a walk. I wondered why that open field was churned up. One of these days we're going to stumble across each other in this town! LOL