Friday, March 11, 2005 is time to garden!

I broke out the tiller today and plowed up a small section (about 12 x 20 feet) in my yard for the beginnings of a garden. It is still getting down near freezing some nights, so I will hold up for another week or two before putting out the tomatoes, peppers, and such. All I planted today was about 50 onions. I will need to till up more space for the other crops later probably. I am not going to do a really big veggie garden this year. If it gets too big, I find that I just don't take care of it very well (weeding and such).

The wind is really howling out there today. The top blew off my chicken pen, the garbage cart blew over, and I am keeping an eye out for two dead pines in the far back yard.

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