Sunday, July 05, 2009

Swimming Party

Yesterday's pool party at Tom and Holly's was a lot of fun. There were about 12 people there or so. We swam, grilled, and munched our way
into happiness.

After supper, we were all surprised at how quickly it cooled off, for a change. We were actually able to enjoy sitting around a campfire till well into the evening.

One odd thing that happened, a whirlwind suddenly came up and launched my two sun shelters into the air. They twirled about like dead leaves in the wind, rising up about 25 or 30 feet into
the air, crashed down for a moment onto some chairs, then took back off, soaring into a fence. It ripped both of the tops and bent the frame a bit, but I think at least one is salvageable. It was so odd, because we were in the pool at the time, and there was absolutely no wind only a few feet away from the shelters!

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Laurie said...

Despite the minor casualty it sounds like a great day. Nice pics.