Monday, August 24, 2009

Crash, Boom, Thud

At about 2:30 this morning (1/2 hour ago), I and the cat got a startle and sudden wake up call as a big limb broke out of one of the pecan trees and crashed down upon my roof. It is the tree that is right up next to the garage, and the limb broke part way; but is still hanging onto the trunk of the tree. It is laying across the roof of the patio shelter on the back and then across the roof over the back door to the house and out over the utility room and bathroom. I can't really see more till daylight and when I can get up on the roof after work, this afternoon. I am hoping that it is just laying across the house roof and didn't have any limbs that came through the roofing...but I will just have to wait and see. I guess that I know what I will be doing this afternoon.

Assuming that there aren't any roof penetrations, I think I can get up on the roof and cut the tree limb (about 12 inches diameter where it broke off from main tree, and 8 inches where it goes over the roof). At least that way if it snaps completely off from the tree trunk, it will just crush my patio shelter and not do much more damage to the house roof. I went ahead and moved my bbq grill and chairs out from under the patio, just in case it decides to come on down before I can get up there afterwork today. No need in them getting squashed.

As to saving the patio roof, I am not sure if that is going to be possible or not. Thus far, it is in pretty good shape; but I have my doubts on being able to bring down the remaining limb in a controlled manner.

I will snap a few photos this afternoon and post them....but back to bed for now.

UPDATE: Here are the photos as I left this morning for work:


June said...

Am I mistaken or didn't you have a branch fall down some months ago? Sorry for the damage, but glad nobody got hurt!

Felicia said...

Wow! That would have freaked me & the animals out a bit. Glad you weren't hurt. Hope you're able to get it dealt with soon.