Monday, January 04, 2010

The Mud Pit

One of the more memorable events on the Florida trip was the mud. Although it was sunny for most of the days, we did get one night of rain, which turned a bit of Bob and Suzanne's field into a mud pit. I think a total of 5 or 6 vehicles got stuck in it on Thursday and Friday. The big pile up was on Friday morning when Bob Scheider was leaving and his van got stuck. So Marty took his 4 wheel drive truck to pull him out...except that he just went down to the axles on all 4 tires. So it was my turn to try to pull people out as the rain continued to fall.

With everyone's help, we pieced together a plan and a very long
tow rope which allowed me to pull Bob's van out easily, and then to pull Marty's truck out. We then all got behind Marsha's car as it was pulled out of the field...only to get stuck before crossing the boggy part. So, it was one more car that I pulled out. Amazingly, Cindy and Bonita just drove across it like no problem!

Everyone got so wet, that most people decided to take the day off
from paddling as so we dried off by going into town for a late lunch at Bob Evans.

Thanks goes out to Cyndi for these pics.

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