Saturday, January 23, 2010

Striving for Balance

Today's topic for PhotoHunt is "Balanced".

I decided to go with this shot of the head of a carving that is in my home. While I am not a practicing Buddhist by any means, I do recognize that many of the tenets of that belief system have positive real world outcomes for many people....including the idea of reaching a balance in your life.


Alice Audrey said...

Not to mention that his head is balanced on his neck.

Gene said...

I'd like to take on the Buddist philosophy when it comes to achieving that balance in life, even if I'm born Catholic, I think there's no wrong in taking part in something that would only bring you to the better.

- gene + experiments

Bull Rhino said...

I definitely agree. I always enjoy getting around and seeing the different views of this weeks theme. Yours is cool!
Drop by and check mine here.