Saturday, May 03, 2008

Mountain Laurel is Blooming!

I went on a short hike on the Hitchiti Trail this morning with my friend Bonnie. Along with us were 10 students and parents from the Matt Arthur Elementary School's Ecology Club. The kids dodged the poison oak, squealed at the sight of a spider, collected some snail shells, and learned some things about loblolly pines and hardwood bottoms as we hiked along Falling Creek and had lunch at the Ocmulgee River.

Along the way, we passed several large clusters of mountain laurel blooming profusely. It was at the peak of flower power!

After our snack lunch, we watched some fly fisherman catch a nice shoal bass out of the Ocmulgee, then returned up the trail as the rain began to fall. Although we were a little damp, we still had a fun day in the woods and by the river.

Thanks go out to Bonnie for snapping the pics of the kids! I forgot to bring my camera!

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