Thursday, May 08, 2008

Moving Day

Well, my parent's have finally did it. They have sold their house near Atlanta and are moving up to their mountain property near the Georgia/North Carolina state line. You may have seen a post several weeks ago, when a previous buyer backed out on them.

And as a part of sending them off to retirement, I am heading up there this weekend to help them load up their stuff onto the rented moving truck. I did take some photos of the property, but can't put my hands on them at the moment. Here is one that I found that shows their barn and valley land (future homesite).

You can see the property though from a vacation home that is for rent up the hillside. Go to this link and scroll down to the 2nd & 3rd from last photo (the one labeled Mystic Ridge) and you will see a small barn down in the valley. That is my parent's place. They will be building a house down there over the next several months and living in their fifth wheel camper in the meantime. My mom likes to joke that they are about to become homeless...but only for a few months. And no...their new house will not be as fancy as the one in the link above.

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