Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vegetable Korma

Earlier this month, I went by my favorite Indian restaurant (ok, so it is just about the only Indian restaurant in town) and tried something new to my palate. Previously, I have had the chicken korma (sliced chicken in a creamy sauce, served with rice), which I liked....but I was craving veggies. I have had many of the veggie listings on the menu, but have not tried the Vegetable Korma. What was I thinking? It was delicious! While I still think my favorite is the Aloo Ghobi (potato & cauliflower) or maybe some of the panir dishes....but the vegetarian korma was right up there!

I spent some time yesterday online trying to find a recipe that was close to what I had. The closest that I could find was from Manjula's Kitchen. Manjula Jain is a home cook, but has a great recipe site online, as well as a ton of videos of Indian foods on YouTube. I made her version of Vegetable Korma and it was delicious! Below is her how-to video for veggie korma.

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