Saturday, January 03, 2009

Last full day in Charleston

On our last full day in the Charleston area, we got very little accomplished. The rain this morning sort of put a blah feeling on the day. We did go back out to the Angel Tree....see photo of HUGE tree.

We also took a tour of the Hunley Museum...a Civil War era submarine that was recovered. Unfortunately, they do no allow photography in most of it. So the only photo to post here is one of my friend Bonnie showing how difficult it was to squeeze through the manholes on the submarine.

We did try to go on a nature walk, but after driving out to it...we found out that it was on a Naval base, and we did not have any Department of Defense ID's.

So now it is back to camp, to begin packing a few things up. We are going to head back home tomorrow. Hope that the house is still there!

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June said...

Sorry your final day was a bit of a bummer, but all in all, sounds like your trip was an enjoyable one. Safe travels home...

Laurie said...

Sounds and looks like it was a good trip overall.

susan said...

It's hard to believe that's just one tree, especially when you're standing under it.