Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our last ice storm

The last big ice storm that we had here was in 2005. I have been watching the stories on CNN about the icy conditions in much of the eastern US today. I am just glad that things here aren't bad. Although we go the rain, it was has been relatively mild temperatures for the past few days.

Here is a photo that I snapped of the ice coated dogwood blossoms on the big tree in the backyard in 2005.

For those who might be stuck without power for a few days, I feel your pain.


Hilary said...

Despite how damaging ice storms are, there sure is beauty in how they kiss the branches. Your photo is proof of that. Lovely shot.

June said...

Always beautiful, yet always so destructive and dangerous. Quite a juxtaposition. Ice with blossoms? That must have set the trees for a loop!

Laurie said...

The ice does work magic on a winter scene...even though it is treacherous.