Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Buoys Gone Wild!

Here is a buoy that has washed up on Cumberland Island. The shot was taken for about 200 yards away and the foggy look is due to the wind blowing in a spray of sea mist over the beach; but that did not deter Tom from his morning hike. It did however deter me from doing a lot of shooting on the beach that day with my camera.


June said...

This is a great shot in so many ways!

Bee said...

What I love about this image is the scale you have shown. Rarely do we see the size of a bouy in relation to a human. Must have been a big wind and high water to have blown this bouy ashore.

I don't have the courage [or money] to expose my gear to these elements, but I'd probably forget all that and shoot away if presented with a scene like this.

Great capture.