Monday, March 23, 2009


In recent years, we have had a traveling group of white tigers that came to the Cherry Blossom Festival. This year, the organizers brought in sea lions.

In either case, I hate to see the animals have to work for their food in such a manner. Although they might be well kept, it still is sad to see them that way.


June said...

Quite a switch...tigers to lions...sea lions that is!

Laurie said...

Interesting. I have mixed feelings. Sometimes these animals have been rescued and are unable to be returned to the wild for a variety of reasons. In those cases they have a much better and pampered life because they probably would have met with certain death in short order had they not been taken into captivity and cared for. They can offer wonderful educational opportunities for the rest of us. Otherwise I think it can be quite exploitative to take them captive for the sole purpose of entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Right on ! to what Laurie had to say.