Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Too much work and learning for one day

Whew! What a long day. It started at 5:45, as usual, with a quick check of the newspaper....then a bite to eat and off to work at 7:15. The day actually started slow, with plenty of time to finish up a report for the boss on our electric bills over the past fiscal year and then projected into the next (budgeted amounts vs. actuals). At 9:00, it was off to staff meeting for the usual combination of gripes, complaints, smiles, and head nodding. 11:00 and I was back at my office for a meeting with one of the contractors, who was installing control software for one of the new schools. After a short how-to-work-it session, I was off to lunch for 30 minutes of glorious quietness....although they were out of tuna salad and I had to have the chicken salad instead.

Then it was back to the office to program the a/c systems for tonight's variety of PTA meetings, and then off to one of the new schools to begin programming the burglar alarm system. I had enough time to complete the programming, but when I powered up the system, something shorted out and the entire system crashed......that will be chore #1 tomorrow. So it was back to the office to wrap up the business day (or so I thought). I left at 4:00 and headed over to my Reading class (part of my teaching certificate recertification requirement). The only real good thing about the class was that the teacher didn't keep us until 8:00 as normal. We got out about 7:00. So it was just enough time to run home, feed the chickens, collect eggs....got 5 today.....and fix a bite to eat for supper.

Naturally, about this time, 7:45, the telephone rings and it was work calling. One of the schools says that I didn't program their outside lighting and they had a PTA meeting and it was dark. I was sure that I did program it, but I loaded up the truck and drove back into town and to the school....to find that by the time I arrived, the PTA meeting was over, only 3 cars in the parking lot, and.....wait for it......the lights were on. ARRRGH!!!

So I went in, chatted with the principal, who knew nothing about who called me in the first place, then headed back home around 9:00. I watched one show on tv, Ground Force America, and now here I am, checking email, putting this blog entry in, and shortly will be off to bed. And the best part of it is what?

Simple.....that I get to do it all again tomorrow! Hurray!

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