Friday, September 26, 2003

The Weekend Plan

As I ready myself for the last work day of the week today, I am mentally already off from work. My brain is officially off work today, although my body does have to go in today.

Tomorrow will be a busy day....I am heading to the Atlanta RV Show. I am thinking about buying a travel trailer next spring....maybe. I do love my tent camping, but sometimes, a hard roof overhead in the dry and air conditioned would be nice too.....especially if taking a long trip. I want to start taking some week long trips next year for vacation.

After returning in the early afternoon, I will be going to the river for the party mentioned in the previous post below.

On Sunday, I am hoping to set some posts for a fence. I love to dig holes....yeah, right!

Well, the clock on the wall says it time to hop in the shower and head to work. Hurray!

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