Monday, December 22, 2008

And this little piggie went Wii Wii, all the way home.

My parents were busy at work over this holiday, spoiling the grandkids. They bought two Wii game for each home. Brooke, Steven, and Danielle will really enjoy them I am sure. Or at least they will enjoy them whenever their parents are not playing the games.

It was a really nice early Christmas party at my aunt and uncle's house, followed by a sleepover, gift exchange, and big breakfast at Mom and Dad's yesterday. With the distances to drive and the complications of several different get togethers, it turned out easier to have Christmas with the family a couple of days early this year.

As a tease for an upcoming is something that I got as a gift from my aunt and uncle's party. It is something that probably not too many would ever think about getting. And it is completely useless to me...or to most anyone, except for the person who gave it. Give up? Wait and see! You won't believe your eyes. The photo will be coming in a day or so.


Laurie said...

Looks like they were really happy with their gifts and it sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

June said...

If not already, they will get addicted to Wii!