Sunday, December 28, 2008

On the road again

We are on the road again. This time, we are headed to Charleston, South Carolina for a week of photography, sightseeing, and goofing off. The campground that we are staying at is supposed to have wi-fi available, so hopefully, I will be able to post a few photos.

Every year, just after Christmas, the three musketeers (Ron, Bonnie, and I) take off for a new destination to explore. Sometimes it is just the three of us, and sometimes, more friends come. This year, it looks like there will 8 of us!

Here are some of our previous trips:

2007 Cumberland Island
2006 St. Joseph's Peninsula
2005 Torreya
2004 Paddling Central Florida Rivers

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June said...

What a nice tradition! Watch may end up with nine :-) Enjoy!