Monday, December 29, 2008

James Island - Festival of Lights

We made it to Charleston today and set up camp at James Island County Park. By the time we got camp set up, it was about dark, so we fixed a quick bite to eat and then set out to explore the park. They have a driving loop that have a couple miles of holiday light displays that are quite nice. There is also an area that you can walk around in, with a train ride and snacks.

Here are a couple of the images that I snapped, including the Three Amigos....Ron, Bonnie, and me. The top on is looking across a lake at a rather large model of the two main bridges in Charleston.

Tomorrow...actually, today, as that I see it is now past midnight...we are going to drive into Charleston to explore the area a bit more. Or we may hold on on the old dowtown area and do some of the historical stuff in the area instead. As always, we are rather unpredictable and do not always have much of a plan. But that what makes traveling with us so much fun!

Tune back in and see where we end up!

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Laurie said...

Looks wonderful and sounds like fun.