Friday, April 24, 2009

1st day of real heat

The weather today is the first real day of heat for the summer. It has been in the 70's each day for the past two weeks; but today, it zooms up to a high of 91 degrees! Add on top of that the fact that we got a lot of rain last night, and you get a hot and humid day today.

I work for the local school system to provide heating and air conditioning to the I know that there will be plenty of complaint calls today. Oh joy!

But the good thing, is that it is Friday! And best of all, I am off next week for a nature photography class in the mountains. So not only is it going to be a fun week away from work; but it should also be a bit cooler up in North Carolina.

But I have to head to work now. Freedom is only 8 hours away!

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