Thursday, April 02, 2009

Guarding the Submarine

As we left Cumberland Island, our ferry was approached by a US Navy patrol boat. Apparently, we cut across the path of a nuclear submarine as it left Kings Bay Naval Base.

You can see the submarine just to the right of the patrol boat, as it was coming right toward us. Click to enlarge the photo to see the sub better.


June said...

Did they say something to you or just wave you off?

The Riverbum said...

The little gun boat suddenly zoomed up beside us, and they obviously radioed to the ferry captain, because all of a sudden the ferry that is somewhat slow normally went to full speed ahead as we tried to get out of the way.

I believe that officially, as the slower vessel, the ferry had the right of way...of course, they had the two patrol boats with the machine guns mounted in the front and back, not to mention whatever was on the nuclear we moved aside.