Sunday, April 19, 2009

Battle Scars

Ok, so this is an odd photograph....a photo of my rather round, furry belly and a plate of bacon. What you may also notice immediately is the large red patch on my stomach. Ouch!

Yes, that is a bacon grease burn. After fixing my skillet of bacon, I was pouring up the bacon grease, as I always avoid it clogging the plumbing...when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the piece of crockery that I have used for years as a bacon dripping jar suddenly exploded in half, releasing a large splatter of very hot bacon grease onto the cabinets, floor, and more!

Needless to say, I jumped back quickly. But not fast enough.

So here I sit, typing this blog entry. My stomach is still stinging from the pain and is now sticky with aloe vera lotion.

But on a more positive note, the bacon was delicious!


Laurie said...

Oooh ouch...well at least the bacon was tasty.

Mom and Dad said...

Sorry to hear about your burn. Next time I bet you will have a
shirt on!!! But the bacon does
look good.

Felicia said...

And I'd like to add to this cautionary tale with my hard earned motto, Never Bake Naked :)