Saturday, July 26, 2008

My love of all things plaid

On a camping trip a few years ago, I was hamming it up, as I emerged from my camper in my plaid sleeping pants, plaid jacket, and plaid house-shoes. My friend Bonnie snapped this photo of me.

A bit scary, and it will make your eyes hurt if you stare at for long; but I finally realized today that my love of all things plaid was not the result of some lack of oxygen when I was still in the womb, or a sudden drop onto my head as a small child...although both of these possibilities have been brought up to explain quite a bit about me...but that is another story.

Instead, my attraction to plaid and tartans is genetic! And now, I have proof! I was digging through some old family photos and came across one of my maternal grandmother that was taken back in the late 1940's. As you can see, she was also on a camping trip back then, and also was decked out in plaid.

A chance occurrence? I think not.

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