Saturday, July 05, 2008

Redneck Games

Today, I went with Ron to the 13th annual Redneck Games in East Dublin. Over 8,000 self proclaimed rednecks were there! It was a blast. I snapped tons of photos and couldn't decide which to post, so I made a video of a selection of them and put it to some appropriate music. I hope you enjoy it. Click the triangle PLAY button under the video above to start the video. If you have any problems viewing it here, you can go to my YouTube page or directly to the video and watch it there (the video is also a little bigger if you go directly, but it may not work on all web browsers).

For a short time, you can also see and read more about the Redneck Games by clicking below:
Macon Telegraph and for a good video of the bride and groom jumping and a wide range of other redneck activities, go to the Fox 24 website (give it a second, the video will load and start on it's own in a few seconds).

And below is another video from WMAZ-13, just click the video below to start it after watching the other one above.

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Felicia said...

One of these days I'll have to attend this event :)