Saturday, October 25, 2003

Camper update

I got the message yesterday that my new camper rolled off the assembly line and is on its way to Georgia now from Pennsylvania. It is supposed to be at the dealer late Tuesday. If they can prep it in time, I will come get it on Thursday...but more likely I will have to wait till Monday (I am tied up Halloween weekend). I need a copy of the invoicing from the dealership to get the banking done locally. They said that they could send that when the camper arrived...I hope that a faxed copy of it will be ok for the bank folks. Of course, I am like a kid waiting for Christmas day to arrive. It would be nice to get it on Thursday, but Monday is probably more realistic. All of this is assuming that the banking can be done in a day or two...which I would think that it should.

This weekend is part of my downtime....I was invited to head to Florida for the weekend, but figured that I was running around too much and had best stay home. I shampooed the carpet in the livingroom, changed bed linens, and all sorts of other domestic chores that needed doing. I still need to clean up the kitchen....made a big mess frying chicken, but it was worth it...yum!

I think I deserve taking a nap now.

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