Monday, October 06, 2003

The fair keeps growing every year. I walked around for hours and hours gazing at all of the displays, animals, and such...and I didn't even make it to the midway rides.....I did get to look at the worlds largest pig though.

Afterward, I headed to the Macon Music Heritage Festival. What a pathetic turnout from the citizens. There was only a few hundred people there. Those who didn't go missed some really good music. I saw Satellite Papa (R&B), Jenna Gentry (country), E.G. Kight (blues), and a West African dance group with lots of cool drumming. I did leave, as that I was beginning to get sunburnt, before the "big names" took the stage....the Manhattans, Spyrogyra, and someone else that escapes my mind.

On Sunday, I did nothing. Nada. Zip. I goofed off all morning around the house. I did manage to get the chicken coop cleaned out and new bedding material put in for the winter.

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