Sunday, October 19, 2003

What a busy weekend!

I left work at lunchtime on Friday in order to go home and get ready for a wedding. Now I ask you, who gets married on a Friday evening? Think about this for a moment. Friday afternoon, 5:00pm, rush-hour traffic, southside of Atlanta. Needless to say, getting to my brother's wedding was tough. But I made it in time. John and Donna had a semi-traditional service in a huge church. To me, it seemed a bit odd having it such a BIG church for only a few guests (8). But it was their happy day, so I just went with it. I snapped a bunch of photos for them. Afterward, we went to their house for a quick reception, then to Mom and Dad's house for the night.

On Saturday morning, Dad and I went over to Adventures on Wheels RV Center and looked at more campers. I ended up giving them a $2,700 deposit on one. I am getting the Sunline T-2199.....assuming that the loan goes through ok. I should hear back from them on Monday, once the banks open.

Then it was back to Mom's for lunch and then north to Calhoun to visit my maternal grandmother. Her mental faculties are beginning to leave her, and she is now being placed into an assisted living center. Her house is being sold, as well as most of her belongings. It has really been a tough decision on my mom and her sister, but it is the best thing for her. Frankly, I can't see that she will be able to stay in the assisted living center. Folks who stay there are supposed to be able to take care of themselves, with only some minor help. Granny is beyond that in many ways. Although she can still move around ok and at times talks in a normal manner, she can just as easily tell you lots of things that are simply not true. She remembers things that never happened and doesn't remember things that just did. She is also easily confused and has had trouble finding her around the new home.

Mom had bought Granny's old dining room furniture and the refrigerator and gave them to me as an early Christmas present. So we loaded them up on my truck before I left Calhoun. I drove back home and got them all into my house by about 10:00pm.

And now at 8:00 in the morning, I am about to head to to make up the time that I took off on Friday. And later today, I have to load up the canoe and kayak and head to a potluck dinner and paddle on Lake Juliette.

Busy, busy, busy

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