Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Taking the scenic route?

I called today to find out if my camper came in as it predicted....it didn't. So they are expecting to recieve it tomorrow. We shall see. John said that he would fax the documents to me for the loan as soon as the camper comes in......again, we shall see. I sound so negative, don't I? I am just excited about getting it, and it not showing up as predicted is just a little bit of a let down. Hopefully, tomorrow will bring something new and exciting.

Yesterday, I started to cut down a dead tree on my property line. I got it down, but in trying to cut it up, the chainsaw's bar got pinched and the chain jumped off. Of course, it was too hot to work with yesterday and today was a washout with the rain, so maybe tomorrow I can cut up the wood. The tree has been dead for awhile, so the wood should burn readily. I hope to take some of it on this weekend's campout to FDR State Park. The GWS crew is doing a six mile hike on Saturday and then on Sunday, going to Callaway Gardens for some bicycling. With the time change, we will have several hours of darkness before bedtime, so I need the wood for the campfire.

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